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    Polyther Polyol Benzoate
    Plasticizer DEDB
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    Polyther Polyol Benzoate

       1.Chemical Properties:

      Light color, high plasticizing rate, good solubility, low volatility, low leachability,high thermostability index, excellent behaviour of electricity, low temperature resistance,oxidation resisting, large quantity of filler present,high lightness of products and ect.

      2.Soluble Chemicals:

      Dissolve in polyvinylchloride,ethyl choride and ethanoic acid chloride multipolymer、polyvinylacetate entirely,also dissolve in polyvinylchloride,polymethylmethacrylate,Polyvinylbutyral,dinitrocellulose,cellulose acetate butyrate and ethylcellulose.

      3. Product Usage:

      This product can substitute dioctyl phthalate,dibutyl phthalate or be matched with DOP or DBP extensively applied by most plasticizing products such as PVC Plastic Crystals, non-Filling Calendered Film,Leatherette, Cable, Board, Plate, Soft & Hard Pipeline,Shoe Sole, Plastic Strip,Foam, Film,Painting,Rubber,Organic Glass,Printing Ink,Plasticizing Paste,polyvingle acetate emulsion adhesive and etc.

      Polyther Polyol Benzoate is the latest product with lower price in the plasticizer industry that will greatly decrease the manufacturing costs of plastic products.

      Packing : 200 Kgs Net / Iron Drum

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